Our emergency line:

Parish Staff


Title Name Phone
Pastor Fr. Shayne Duvall 502-897-5207 x1100
Associate Pastor Fr. Steven Henriksen 502-897-5207 x1100
Senior Associate Fr. Wayne Jenkins 502-897-5207 x1100


Title Name Phone
Business Manager Bruce Hines 502-897-5207 x1103
Finance Manager Terri Hayes 502-897-5207 x1106
Administrative Assistant – Finance Jill Greer 502-897-5207 x1109


Title Name Phone
Director of Faith Formation Chris Allison 502-897-5207 x1111
Director of Stewardship and Engagement Betty Jean Cobb 502-897-5207 x1100
Director of Sports Ministry Jody Demling 502-897-5207 x1118
Youth Minister Rachael Egger 502-897-5207 x1100
Coordinator of Pastoral Care Mary Scott Herrington 502-897-5207 x1110
Director of Worship & Music Elizabeth Jackson 502-897-5207 x1107
Director of Adult Faith Formation Jacqui Rapp 502-897-5207 x1119
Faith Formation Assistant Pat Terry 502-897-5207 x1108